Art for Children

The Kindness Empire knows the power of art. Today, many schools have little or no art education. This means many children do not receive a full, well-rounded education.

Art is essential in educating children to be resilient, expert communicators and problem-solvers with healthy self-esteem. 

Every Corporate Gift Package, Creativity Workshop, and Experience you purchase supports The Kindness Empire's art education programs.

The Kindness Empire has written an art curriculum, "How to be an Artist". The goal is not necessarily to train children to be professional artists. The goal of our curriculum is to give children the opportunity to try on artist behavior. "How to be an Artist" allows children to create concepts that are internally-directed. The goal of our curriculum is to inspire and empower children to develop into independent, productive members of society who have the tools to create a fulfilling life for themselves.

The Kindness Empire's "How to be an Artist" program includes: 

  • weekly art lessons focused on literacy, art history, STEM concepts, creative problem-solving, experiential learning, and art technique
  • important life-skills such as how to give and receive constructive criticism
  • quality art supplies
  • field trips outside school to cultural institutions
  • connections with professional, mentor artists
  • Artist t-shirts to help children see themselves as people who are empowered to create a fulfilling life.
  • intergenerational learning and connection with The Kindness Empire's "Portrait Pals"

Buy A Small Sticker, Make A Big Difference

When you buy a sticker from The Kindness Empire, you support meaningful art education programs for children. You also join the movement to prove that a business founded on kindness can thrive.



Field Trips

Many schools do not have the resources for field trips. The Kindness Empire sponsors, organizes, and leads field trips to cultural institutions.


As part of The Kindness Empire's art curriculum "How to be an Artist" children are given t-shirts that say, "Artist". This "Artist" label does not necessarily mean children are being trained to become professional artists. Instead, this t-shirt means that children are behaving like artists empowered to create a fulfilling life for themselves. These t-shirts are given to the children from an established professional artist, whose work is in the permanent collections of institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Portrait Pals

The Kindness Empire celebrates the differences, unique experiences, and connects people from diverse communities through art. Pairing children at an elementary school with elders living in a residential home, The Kindness Empire guides these participants to create a portrait of each other. Intergenerational connection and learning through art.

Portrait Pals works like this:
  • Each participant receives a professionally-taken photographic portrait of themselves.
  • Each participant then fills out a detailed questionnaire. Adults answer questions such as, “What is your best advice for your 9-year-old self? Children answer questions such as, “When you’re an elder, what advice will you give young people?”
  • Next, a child and an adult are paired. They are now “Portrait Pals”! They don’t meet. Instead, children and adults are connected through their art project of painting each other’s portraits.
  • Then begins the special connection between two artists.
  • Once paired, The Kindness Empire hosts classes for students in their classroom and for the adults at their office or community center.
  • Whether it is the pals’ dedication to the craft or highlighting the subject’s interests, each portrait is beautiful, dignified, and a masterpiece.

This is just one example of how Portrait Pals is a powerful way to connect diverse communities. Email to learn how you can bring Portrait Pals to your community.