Our Story

A business based on kindness can thrive.

Growing up with 2 parents who were born into challenging circumstances inspired Tonya to see that acting from kindness means acting from strength. Tonya's father was born in a 3-room house, for a family of 6 people, with no electricity and no plumbing. Tonya's mother had electricity and plumbing in her childhood home, but she was abandoned by both her parents.

Watching how her parents embraced their challenges and responded with kindness showed Tonya that living and working in alignment with your personal values can make a positive impact on your own life and others' lives.

At the age of 21, Tonya left her Oklahoma home to travel and work in London for a year before she returned home to "settle down". Fast forward 20 years and Tonya still lived in London. 

In 2010, when Tonya returned to the U.S., she returned home having experienced lots of adventures. She'd worked with multi-national clients at some of the world's most well-respected advertising agencies such as TBWA and BBH. She'd traveled through Europe, Asia, and Africa. And, now she had 3 children. 

Arriving in Denver with her young children, Tonya looked for opportunities to support parents and children in the U.S. She volunteered at a shelter serving women and children experiencing homelessness. She worked as an assistant teacher in Denver Public Schools. She worked as the Art Outreach Manager for a French-American art non-profit. Then, after 3 years serving as Manager, Tonya was asked to be the Director of this French-American art non-profit. 

All these personal and professional experiences connected Tonya with communities that are often underserved and overlooked. She also became connected with some of the leading artists of our time. And, while living in Denver, Tonya also spent months living and working in the Côte d'Azur region of France. 

Ready to step back into the corporate world, in 2020, Tonya was determined to connect children in underserved schools with what she'd learned from working with great, professional artists, and corporate America.

The Kindness Empire's mission is to nurture human connection and creative spirit, inspiring people to be kind to themselves and others, sparking hope.

Today, we activate this mission through: Corporate Creativity Workshops, Corporate Gift Packages, Art education programs for Children and Seniors, and Experiences.

A portion of the profits from Corporate Gift Packages, Corporate Creativity Workshops, and Experiences supports The Kindness Empire art education programs.

Corporate Creativity Workshops

Drawing on her career working in advertising in London and leading an international art non-profit, Tonya brings her experiences to life to inspire your team. Workshops are designed to build your team's ability to create, listen, work together, and enjoy the creative process. Workshops are tailor-made and can last from an hour to a year's worth of regular programing to give your team a boost in well-being and unlocking creativity.

Corporate Gift Packages

The Kindness Empire carefully sources premium products from small business owners, artisans, makers, and family businesses who care about the environment and community. Corporate clients feel confident and proud to give premium gifts that are meaningful and amplify their brand's values. (Visit the Makers page and meet some of the very talented and creative artisans who create products for The Kindness Empire).

Each package includes an information sheet sharing the stories behind the gifts and a handwritten note to ensure recipients know they are important. All packages sent from The Kindness Empire are wrapped with packaging that's kind to the environment. Whether your package is custom-branded for your company or uses The Kindness Empire packaging, you can be assured that your recipient will see your respect for the environment in action. 

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The Kindness Empire's team of artists and experts can lead you on creative adventures in beautiful, undiscovered places in Europe and Colorado. Once you book your flight, every other detail is arranged for you. Subscribe to The Kindness Empire email updates for the latest information on Experiences. 

Investing in Art Education: 

The Kindness Empire delivers art materials to children and teaches art classes each week with a goal of inspiring and empowering young hearts and minds.

A portion of the profits from The Kindness Empire supports art in schools. Knowing the power of art, The Kindness Empire gives elementary students on-going art education programs giving children the chance to dream and create.

Using its art curriculum, "How to be an Artist", The Kindness Empire lessons lead children through a year of learning about personal values, STEM concepts, literacy, the Earth, and, of course, art.

Many schools do not have the resources for trips off-campus. Included in the "How to be an Artist" art education curriculum are field-trips to art galleries, cultural spaces, and museums giving children vital connections to creative communities beyond the classroom.

The Kindness Empire is proud to partner with St. Andrew's Village, part of the Watermark retirement community. Each week, The Kindness Empire brings a Creativity, Culture, and Community class to residents at St. Andrew's Village.  Included in these classes are off-site field trips connecting seniors to local artists, museums, and galleries.

Pictured here are residents receiving a private tour with Artist, Ana Maria Hernando at her exhibition, Écoutons, at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

"Thank you for opening a world I didn't understand and a place in me I didn't know existed,"

Ann, St. Andrew's Village 

The Kindness Empire has a clear mission, to nurture human connection and creative spirit, inspiring people to be kind to themselves and others, sparking hope.