Our Story

How The Kindness Empire began

The Kindness Empire founder, Tonya Quinn, left her Oklahoma home at the age of 21 to travel and work abroad for a year before she returned home to "settle down". Fast forward 20 years and Tonya still lived abroad. During her time away, Tonya understood the importance of staying connected with family and friends at home in the United States.

When Tonya returned to the US, after 2 decades living abroad, she had experienced lots of adventures, not just traveling the world, but also she was returning home with her 3 children. Now Tonya, having built relationships with friends and family in London, placed importance on staying connected with friends in her second home. Always, Tonya was away from those she loved. 

Feeling the need to be able to give high quality gifts and art experiences - that are kind to people and the earth - inspired Tonya to create a new online gift-giving and art experiences business.

Creating themed care packages designed to offer Comfort, Love, Joy, Gratitude, and Kindness, Tonya started her search for gifts that had soul. Gifts that were crafted by artisans, makers, family businesses, and people who cared about the environment and community.

Connecting with small business owners, artisans and makers across the country gave Tonya hope and confidence that The Kindness Empire gift and care packages were uniquely meaningful. (Visit the Makers page and meet some of the very talented and creative artisans who create products for The Kindness Empire).

Sourcing the gifts from kind, creative makers and then ensuring that all objects are delivered in a way that is kind to the environment, is vital at The Kindness Empire. All gifts are hand-wrapped- never using styrofoam or bubble wrap - and presented in a reusable, cotton drawstring bag designed and embroidered in Colorado by Irene.

Drawing on her experience working at an art non-profit bringing art education programs to children in elementary schools, Tonya recognized that the need to bring art to children in American public schools was growing. She decided that a portion of profits from The Kindness Empire gifts and experiences would support a new art curriculum for children in schools where there is no art.

The Kindness Empire serves two needs: one, to help people connect in a meaningful way that is kind to the environment, and, two, to give art education programs to underserved elementary schools that don't offer art to children.

Investing in Art Education: 

The Kindness Empire delivers art care packages to children, wherever they are, at home or at school and teaches art classes each week.

A portion of the profits from The Kindness Empire supports art in underserved schools. Knowing the power of art, The Kindness Empire gives elementary students at schools where there is no art, the chance to dream and create.

The Kindness Empire delivers art care packages to students and then leads art classes each week using a new art curriculum, How to be an Artist, created by The Kindness Empire. Connecting children to themselves and the earth is at the heart of The Kindness Empire art curriculum, "How to be an Artist".

Feel good knowing that with each care package purchase, a child in a school where there is no art will receive an art education program. By sending Comfort, Love, Joy, Gratitude, or Kindness through The Kindness Empire, you've allowed us to share the joy of creativity with children.

The Kindness Empire has a clear mission, to nurture human connection and creative spirit, inspiring people to be kind to themselves and others, sparking hope.