Corporate Creativity Workshops

Enhance your team's culture and creativity with Corporate Creativity workshops. Choose from the highly effective 7 workshops or let us create a tailor-made workshop for you and your team. Anything from single sessions to themed, one-off events, to weekly, year-long workshops. Available in person or online.

PORTRAIT PALS featured on ABC National news!

This is a powerful program for teams that are new to working together or have current practices and patterns that are creating challenges for you and your team. Portrait Pals will create compassionate, meaningful connections between diverse people. Expect enhanced communication and efficiencies resulting from this program. Appropriate for all levels - from people who've never held a paintbrush to expert artists. At the end of this 6-week program, each participant will have a professional photographic portrait and also a painted portrait to keep reminding your team the power of connection.  $30,000 for 40 people.

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Excellent opportunity to spark creativity in teams that are physically disconnected. Each series is adapted to hit your specific goals. Choose from themes such as "What is Your Homeland?", "Do You See What I See?", or "The Power of Listening". At the end of a 3-session series, each participant will have a personal piece of artwork that can be curated resulting in one collaborative piece of artwork. 

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Perfect for businesses that want to offer sustained support and enhance well-being for staff and clients throughout the year. Workshops are designed to attract people who do not consider themselves artists. Our Friday, 4-5:00 pm "Happy Hour" series is extremely popular. Book your first subscription for $550. Discounts offered for subscriptions of 3 months and 6 months.

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One in-person art class designed to awaken and embolden creativity in your team. Designed especially for teams focused on innovation and leadership. This tailor-made, two-hour workshop will delight and inspire a group of a maximum of 50 people.

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For groups that consist of people who already have art experience. The Kindness Empire has a team of expert artists, educators and professional, galleried artists, who will give your team specific, technical guidance. These workshops, delivered in person or online, will elevate confidence in individuals.  

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The Kindness Empire will give you and your team access to a behind-the-scenes tour of a local artist studio, gallery, or museum in your area. Great for fun, impactful social evenings. This is a bespoke service for a maximum number of 24 participants. Price dependent on destination.

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Go somewhere unexpected! The Kindness Empire will organize and lead your group of up to 40 people in an inspiring space. The results will create long-lasting well-being and creativity for your team. Lasting from 1 day up to a week, in destinations such as Aspen, Colorado, New York City, Crested Butte, Colorado and the Côte d'Azur, France.

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Add real value to your next team retreat. Give your team an experience that they enjoy. Make the results long-lasting.



Visit our Children's Art Education page to learn how, as you enhance your team's well-being, you're also supporting children's art programs.