Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a custom gift box or care package?

Yes, email Shop@TheKindnessEmpire for more information on how we can create custom gift boxes and care packages. You can even set up a regularly delivery service of a care package. 

The Kindness Empire specializes in creating custom care packages for businesses to thank staff and clients, if you don't already see a package on the Kindness for Business page, please email us and if you wish to order 20 or more packages, we can create a custom gift package proposal just for you.

Who should I buy for?

To make gift-giving simpler, The Kindness Empire has found all the right elements for your care packages. Looking for gifts with soul, we source our products from independent makers who are dedicated to their craft.

You don't have to worry about anything because you know that The Kindness Empire has a collection that's perfect for your Mom, colleague, friend, daughter, Dad, partner, even yourself. 

What if I don't like what's in my package?

We work hard to ensure gifts in The Kindness Empire packages are the highest quality and yet we know that everyone has different taste. We want all our customers to be, not just satisfied,  but delighted with what's inside. If you're not delighted with your package, please email and we will do everything we can to make you happy.

Can I order a package to arrive the next day?

In certain circumstances, yes, we can take an order before 10am and then have it on your recipient's doorstep by end of the next day. Because all the care packages and gift boxes created by The Kindness Empire are hand-packaged with products created by independent makers, it takes us longer to create each package by hand, so we aren't always able to handle 24 hour orders like big chain suppliers. Please email for 24 requests.

Do you offer a personal delivery service?

Yes, if you live in Denver, Colorado, home to The Kindness Empire, we will arrange a personal delivery service for you so your package can arrive on your recipient's doorstep with less packaging and postage fees. This service is limited and costs $40. Please select the delivery service option at check-out or email to add this special service to your order.