The Kindness Empire Gives Art Education Programs to Schools

Thank you for purchasing a gift package from The Kindness Empire. We hope you feel good knowing that your purchase will delight your recipient and also bring a meaningful art education programs to underserved schools. 

Knowing the power of art and its importance in education, The Kindness Empire brings year-long, art education programs to schools that have no art. Each month elementary students are given a different art care package, delivered to their homes or school, and every week, students are given lessons in all different art genres from sketching and painting to found object installations to textile art. While the art genres change, the messages in the curriculum remain the same.

The Kindness Empire art curriculum asks children to behave like artists reminding them that in art:

  • Everything is "right" because art comes from you and you are "right"
  • We respect each other knowing that every artist is different and hearing from different artists gives us a chance to learn and grow.
  • We don't always have everything we want, but artists embrace challenges and are creative problem-solvers.
  • Artists are brave and speak their truth and respectfully ask questions because they know their voice is important.
  • Artists know who they are and are confident in their personal values.