Meet Some of Our Makers

The Kindness Empire chooses the best products
from the best makers

Corinne Joachime, a Haitian-American Engineer who realized that Haitian Cacao was among the top 50 in the world, so she decided to create ethical and gourmet chocolates that both Haitians and chocolate connoisseurs worldwide would love. Corinne also wanted her business to generate direct revenues for Haitian farmers; full-time jobs for young women and work opportunities in the Haitian countryside. Since 2015, Askanya Chocolates have been made in Haiti, using natural ingredients, honestly sourced and handcrafted by women. You can find Askanya Chocolates in the Chocolate Lovers package.

Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care is a farm to skin brand that utilizes the power of herbs and science to create highly effective skin care products.  Founder Dr. Cindy Jones, her husband, George, and lively dog, Cassie, live on their Certified Naturally Grown farm where they grow herbs for the skincare line. From their farm they look at Long’s Peak and Mount Meeker. You can find Colorado Aromatics products in Kindness on the Go and Comfort care packages.

Glassblowing is a centuries old tradition that Roe, from Little Tomato Glass, has a deep appreciation for; working with handmade tools that haven’t changed much design-wise over the course of thousands of years forges a connection between Roe as a modern maker and those that paved the way before him. His work is inspired by clean lines and functional design. You can find Little Tomato Glass vases in the Kindness for Business packages.

Briana Thornton, founder of Aesthete tea, specializes in farm-direct, organic & herbal teas, which are created by master blender, Maggie Cassidy, who is mother to Briana. Aesthete tea's mission is to bring the ancient respect and knowledge of tea to the current world. The herbs from Aesthete tea are sourced from organic, family farms near Aesthete's Portland, Oregon base. Try these teas, sourced from 250-500 year old trees, found in Kindness for Business, and Gratitude Chocolate Lovers packages.

Ty Bowman and his wife, Shaina, founded Lifetime Leather Co. in 2011 after Ty had an accident that left him unable to walk for 3 years. During this long period of recovery, to pass time and stay positive, Ty read books, including one on leather crafting. Then, coincidentally, one of Ty's relatives passed away and gave Ty leather-working tools. Lifetime Leather was born. This family run business creates everything in their studio in San Tan Valley, Arizona. You can find Lifetime Leather products in Kindness at Home packages.

Established in 2014 in Chelsea, Alabama, Prodigal Pottery is handmade by women fleeing domestic abuse, sex-trafficking, and homelessness. Prodigal Pottery's mission is to employ, equip, and empower women in need. Prodigal Pottery mugs are robust, microwave and dishwasher safe, and can be found in the Joy Holiday and Gratitude packages.

Hook, Line & Tinker, a small, woman-owned embroidery kit business and studio, was founded by artist, Laurie Dolhan in beautiful Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia in 2017. Every embroidery kit is an original design and comes to you on organic cotton with everything you need to create a beautiful piece of art. Laurie, with proceeds from Hook, Line & Tinker, supports a local shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness. You can find Hook, Line, & Tinker embroidery sets in the "bee thankful" Gratitude and Kindness at Home packages.

K’era Morgan, the founder of k-apostrophe, is a Los Angeles-based artist and textile designer. Her creative process is an intuitive one resulting in vibrant mixed-media pieces on paper that fuse painting, collage and mark-making. You can find K'era's original work as hand-bound notebooks in the Kindness for Business packages.

Rolf Poeting founded Rolf Glass in 1981 in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania after emigrating from Germany to the U.S. with the intention of expanding his family's glass machinery business, but the decline of American glass manufacturing industry, made it very difficult. With three generations of knowledge in the glass industry and a new found spirit of American entrepreneurism, Rolf created his own glassworks company. You can find Rolf glass champagne coupes and whiskey double old fashioned glasses in the limited edition Joy packages.

Based in Cranston, Rhode Island, Anbia soap founder Julia Anya Emerson creates quality, handmade soaps because 20 years ago, Julia received 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over her body. The plastic surgeon who saved Julia’s life taught her how to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish her skin using oats and herbs. Wanting to share, not a miracle-cure, but a beautiful and effective way to care for healthier skin, Julia created her own soap company. Anbia soaps feature in custom care packages. For more information about custom care package options, please email